Scary Allergies? Happy Halloween…

Halloween is a special day for all kids.  When I was a child, my friends and I spent the days leading up to Halloween planning our costumes, sketching out  trick or treating plans and dreaming of all the candy we were about to get.  On the big night, we enjoyed a unique kind of freedom to prowl the neighbourhood and of course, eat all the candy we could stomach.

Many kids don’t enjoy this same freedom because they have specific food allergies that need to be taken into account during this time.  How much fun can it be to go out in your best costume and get a bag full of treats that you can’t enjoy like your siblings or friends? As a parent, how do you keep your kids from feeling excluded knowing that you can’t control what goes in their goodie bags?  Fortunately, our friends at Allergic Living magazine have some advice that will ensure all kids with food allergies have a safe and ghoulishly fun night – click here to read “Allergy-Safe Halloween Treating”; click here to read “A Food Free Halloween? You bet!”

If you’ve got your own tips, share them with me here by leaving a comment or post your ideas on our MedicAlert Facebook page.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

– Robert

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